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Eloise Delacroix||19 years||College Freshmen||Hampton||Not Alumni  

Past: Eloise Lucia Amelia Cosette Delacroix the third had the privilege of being raised in the best of both worlds. A Monaco native, Eloise, better known as El to her close and selectively chosen group of friends, was considered royalty growing up her entire life. The name Delacroix thrives off of money, wealth, and power and Eloise carries the title well. Ever since she was little, her older sister was set to be the next heir of Monaco leaving Eloise to enjoy the power and royalty with out the responsibility. After being kicked out of her previous academy for unmentionable reasons, and causing a slur of paparazzi worthy scandals,

Eloise’s parents found it fitting for her to find the best form of education, sending her to boarding schools through out Europe before realizing that even in Europe, she was to much under the scandal Radar. Feeling hopeless, her parents opted to send her to Summerset Academy, knowing that even if trouble was to come array, the golden spotlight would no longer be on her. Growing up in Monaco, Eloise was watched closely by paparazzi and a noted celebrity on multiple continents. Everyone was curious as to what the rising Princess was up to and she carried herself with honor. The young teen flourished attending charity galas, political events, and the most extravagant French Parties. Eloise was considered a figure of respect and visited Manhattan often, the large city being no feat for her. El has the entire world and press fooled that she is the perfect daughter of the Delacroix legacy when in reality she is everything but.

Personality: Eloise has learned to pick and choose carefully whom she surrounds herself with. A product of royalty and wealth Eloise expects nothing less than who she affiliates herself with. While the façade of charming and sweet comes across at first, the girls sharp tongue and witty banter is enough to put any girl or boy down whom she feels is below her. The young girls words are venomous and deadly although teachers, parents, and now the publicity see nothing but the perfect Eloise she pretends to be. If the young lady ever was to get caught, the victim card is played heavily in her favor showing once again her quick mind.

Ridgefield: Eloise is there to prove while she may not be an Upper East Side native, her status is just as powerful if not more than the students attending the prestigious academy. Eloise is wild and loves to party but does a magnificent job at covering her tracks to show keep her elite persona intact. Drabbling in heavy drugs and alcohol the girl thrives for attention from her peers. Her innocent face and demeanor help her to keep her partying, drugs, and alcohol hidden behind closed doors, although most students at the academy know better. Her large smile and super model looks tends to leave most boys speechless, although getting involved in any serious feelings is the Princess’s kryptonite, leaving her giving her all to boys who often look at her as nothing but a trophy to win before setting it up on their shelf. However, with boys she doesn’t have serious feelings for El i just as manipulative and somewhat of a black widow, loving the way boys fall at her feet but quick to tease them and rip their hearts out later. Appearing in gossip magazines ritually the dirty blonde has a perfect appearance although her true personality cries manipulative and two faced

Face Claim: Nina Agdal
Status: Open

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